General Hostel Rules & Regulations

Felicitation Programme
  1. Hostel admission will commence at the time of College admission. Separate hostel admission forms will be available from the College office.
  2. Boarders will have to take care of their own belongings.
  3. Visitors are not allowed to enter in dormitory without special permission each time.
  4. Only English must be spoken in the hostel campus.
  5. Games, morning jobs and other manual works are compulsory for all.
  6. Principal/ hostel in-charge is the final authority in matters concerning the hostel.
  7. Ragging is strictly prohibited as per the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Those found indulging in it will be expelled from the Institution as per the College rules.
  8. Boarders will be provided with one bed, one table and one chair. Other daily use and necessary articles/ materials should be brought by the boarders.
  9. Boarders will have to get proper permission from the Principal/ Warden/ In-charge before going out of the hostel and sign in the register maintained by the authority.